Бивер-, Биро-, Шоко- терьеры

Welcome to “Bella Vera”, the breeding kennel website!

My name is Vera Shustova. I live in Moscow and I'm glad to present to you the Yorkshire Terrier breed of various coat colors: steel black and tan Yorkshire Terrier, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, Biro Yorkshire Terrier and Chocolate  Yorkshire Terrier.

I have been breeding dogs since 1988. I had Pudels, Dachshunds but Yorkshire Terriers won my heart forever. It was literally a puppy love. It's hard to not fall in love with these charming dogs. Their beauty, character, charm and devotion are beyond words. You should better feel that and see how those small creatures can easily win your heart. Little by little the number of my dogs increased: Yorkies, Biewers, Biros and Chocolates. My life was full of joy and love to these lovely dogs so that I studied the subtleties of the breed. I read lots of canine literature and took part in a number of dog shows. It fascinated me so much that I finished the dog study courses of the Russian Cynological Federation (RCF). It allowed me to open “Vera Bella” breeding kennel in 2008. After buying new blood lines from the European kennels I became a member of the International Biewer Club (IBC).

Getting much positive emotions from raising pets, I decided to share that feeling with you — to love and be loved. Puppies from my kennel will give you this opportunity. With that they satisfy all the requirements of RCF and IBC. They are healthy, physically and mentally stable, socially adapted and home-raised. Our house is adapted for dog raising in a perfect way. There are no negative emotions throughout the whole breeding period. Taking care of pets brings me joy and pleasure. Dogs feel free to walk in a fenced yard at any time of a year. Medical surveillance of pedigree dogs is provided.

My breeding kennel offers you:

1. pedigree, healthy and  beautiful Yorkshire Terrier puppies for breeding or god show career, as well as for just being your pet and friend

2. assistance in choosing a puppy and taking care of it

3. to pre-order a puppy

4. assistance in choosing right cosmetic products for Yorkie's silky coat

5. services of professional handlers, groomers and vets

6. a puppy delivery option, meaning it can be delivered to another city or country


Our puppies.


Best regards,

Vera Shustova,

“Bella Vera” breeding kennel, Moscow, Russia

email: bellavera57@yandex.ru

skype: bellavera57